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General Rules

1] First off, the basics of all role-plays: no godmoding, no mary-sues, no gary-stues, no out of character drama, no name calling, and please, no finding loopholes in these rules and throwing it in the mod's face. None of these are nice and if there's an issue, please contact a mod immediately and the problem will be dealt with. Also, if you're going to leave, don't make a big issue out of it. We'll probably roll our eyes at it.

2] Originality and creativity are a major part of any role play. Obviously your interpretation is going to be different from someone else's interpretation. However, please do not drag your character so far into left field that we start wondering what drugs he or she is on. No matter what you think, Lucius Malfoy is not going to suddenly start liking the color pink. On the other hand, under certain circumstance, Harry Potter could possibly go too far into the dark arts and become slightly twisted -- that happens with power sometimes. If you decide to do something drastic with your character, think it through and please clear it with at least the people involved, if not a mod. Really, we'd like to know what's going on.

3] Dumbledore is gay. That much is obvious. Harry Potter is eventually straight. That much is also obvious by canon. We accept both gay and straight characters, but please be reasonable. We cannot have all four Mauraders involved in an orgy together -- it just doesn't happen like that (because obviously James is straight). If we feel the number of gay characters is getting out of hand (please be conscious of the years these people live in), we will begin rejecting those who claim their character is gay with no reasoning behind it. Give us a reason, something that makes it completely part of their characters, and the mods will be more likely to accept it. There is one exception to this rule: if you're playing and find that your character is connecting completely with a character of the same gender, then go for it. People can't help who they fall in love with, just don't get out of hand.

4] This is the worst rule ever, be prepared for it. Please be original in your PBs. Not every character looks like the perfect model. Give us a face that might not be recognizable (sorry for pointing Malfoys out, but there are men besides Boyd who have blond hair), or give us someone who is utterly perfect. If we ask you to explain why you chose a certain person, do not argue with us. Give us the reasons and we will most likely accept it with a smile. Don't just say "because he/she is hot!" That doesn't work.

5] Unless your character has an issue with the English language, please try to use proper grammar. We ignore small mistakes because students will be students, but those can be in the personal journals. During logs and threads (if you do them), please only use broken English, or whatever character quirk you have, in dialogue. Also, please do not put action posts in the journals. Your character is writing these things and unless they have an odd quirk where they write everything they do, they shouldn't be there. The only exception is if you hex the paper. If we see you constantly tYpInG lIkE tHiS, or l4k3 t41s, or like lol and brb, or [so-and-so shakes his head] while In Character, we will all poke you until you wiggle on the floor in pain from the massive amounts of poke-age. Again, the only exception is if the paper is hexed or you are teasing another student.

6] Livejournal has this really cool thing now where you can warn people if your journal content contains adult themes. If you are doing a thread or a log where you know there will be adult themes (and this includes, but is not limited to, drug use and sex), please use that nifty drop down menu and mark it as adult concepts. If you do not know how to do this, ask a mod. Please do not have your journal as automatically having adult content.

7] If there comes an issue where the mods, and other players, think that others are getting too far off and becoming occ about things, we will issue what is called "homework." This is to be completed by everyone. Know that it will not be given unless needed; the mods hate it as much as the players do. No really, we really hate that crap and don't want to do it.

8] When first starting the game, you are allowed to have one character. When you can handle that one, you may add another. When you can handle both of them (and this includes, but is not limited to, playing them both regularly, having them interact if needed [yes, that might mean RPing with yourself], and not forgetting them), then you may pick up a third. If you are really and truly ambitious, you may go for a fourth. Please be aware, though, that if you have more than three characters, we will be making sure you can keep up with all of them. The limit of total characters is, if you can handle them, four. Why? Because we're having fun, that's why! But we don't want to get too bogged down. Please be sure, though, that your characters are spread out in the generations. If you have two-three characters in only one generation, we most likely will not let you pick up a third in that same generation. Sorry. You may "retire" a character later on -- we will think of a reason as to why they are not there if need be. Or you may give up a character to take on another, but please do not do this often.

9] New addition! There is another category for a "generation." This is called the Unexplainable (yes, we're really witty). We are only allowing five characters in this category. They can be from any era before the Marauders (or somewhere in-between everything else). They can not be above the current year, however.

10] These rules are subject to be changed, adjusted, or added to at any time. If we find the need to make an adjustment, we will inform the players.

Community (kerbobbled) Rules

1] The main community is to post finished logs (or play them out if you prefer). This is not where most of the game play is situated, as we are a journal-based RP. Any ministry announcements, as well as newspaper articles, will also be posted here. At the same time, any bullitans, owls, or letters passed between characters and houses may also be placed here.

2] All logs in the main community should be in third person, past tense. The only exception are owls, letters, and community bullitans.

3] Any post that is not a log, thread, announcement, owls, letters, or a bullitan is not allowed here. Please use the out of character community.

Out Of Character (kerbobulated) Rules

1] The Out Of Character (OOC) community is used for plotting purposes and any other random chatter. "I'm bored" or "This thread is so awesome" posts go here.

2] Please mark all posts as friends only! This will help is any contact information, plots, or any other personal information is passed between players.

3] This is not the community for drama. In fact, there is no community for drama. Please keep it off the boards.

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