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Everything you need to know (and more) here.

If there are any further questions, reply to this post!

What type of game-play is this?
--Back when this RP first started, it was a healthy mix of logs and journals.  However, when the current mods decided to open it back up, they realized that a lot of people don't necessarily have time to do logs upon logs to get the playtime across.  This will be a journal-based rpg with small inserts of logs.  It is not required to do them, in fact one of the mods probably won't do them herself, and it is strongly encouraged that you only post completed logs. is a great way for players to play out a log before posting it.

Okay, that's great.  So how are the journals explained?
--Our Plot to Date section has the answer to this.  Basically a professor came up with the idea in 2013 and the idea slowly fleshed out.

2013?  Gosh, what year is it now?  How do I know all this stuff?
--The year is now 2021, also available on the Plot to Date section.  Here is a further in-depth look at the years the characters were in when they were pulled forward in time (please use this as a reference):
      James Potter was seventeen years old when pulled (1977, December -- seventh year).
      Bill Weasley was sixteen years old when pulled (1987,October -- sixth year)
      Harry Potter was sixteen years old when pulled (1997, February -- this is still his sixth year).
      Albus Potter is fifteen years old (2021, November -- fifth year).

I want to be Harry Potter, but not Harry at sixteen. Since it's a cross-generation, may I play an older Harry Potter?
--While that would be awesome, the answer is no. We're going to keep this in school, so all adults outside of the school are going to be Non-Playable Characters and it is "canon" that Harry went to the Ministry. This does mean, however, that there can be two Neville Longbottoms. :) Please be careful about who you pick! The person MUST be in Hogwarts. The story is canon up to year seven (for James) and canon up to year six (for Harry). That means everybody who died before now, or left the school before now, are unplayable.

NOTE: In the future, characters outside of Hogwarts may be open to play. Current players are allowed to pick up one of these if they wish.

Is there a master list of how many people will be able to have doubles?

--Not yet, no. But, here is a shorter version: any professors (though this is discouraged, as they probably won't get as much play), Snape (as a student and professor age), and any student in the trio era that would have been a professor (like Neville). But please, if you turn in an application for Hermione as a professor, it will be rejected since JKR informed us of what she did as an adult.

If I have a character who is in more than one era, how will I know if my doubles will flow together?
--Your application will go to those involved in your character (this includes your double). To make it easier, I would suggest looking over a character's double if you are applying for one. For example, if we have a Trio Neville, whoever applies for Future Neville would be smart to look over Trio Neville's profile first.

Can I play the same character from both eras?
--If you can keep them separated enough in the game to not mistake one for the other, then go ahead. However, they will count as separate characters, leaving you with the ability to only have two more. The character limit is four (4), after all. Your applications will also be sent to other members, not just those you're involved with, just in case.

All right... but I'm confused.  What do you mean my application will be sent to other players?
--The mods have been in plenty of games where Person A applied, but Person B and C (who have been in the game for a while) just don't flow with them.  This becomes an issue when all three of them are supposed to be extremely best friends.  So, to make sure that the character will settle in, your application (sans your contact information) will be sent to at least three other people besides the mod.  These three people are the ones that will be dealing with your character the most.  If you are an original character, then we will take three volunteers.

I'm part of the game and was just sent an application for someone and I don't care.  Don't I get a choice?
--No, not really.  You did sign up for the game and by signing up, you agreed to the terms.  The only time we'll let you slide with this is if we are able to send it to more than three people.  For example, James Potter applies.  Already on our character list, we could have a Harry Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin.  All four would be sent the application, but the mun for Lily doesn't really care because she's already decided that this Lily is going to have kids with Snape, no matter what.  That's fine, as long as she's the first one to back out, she can.

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